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5 Summer Activities for Kids to Keep Them Active

It's the first day of summer vacation. But panic sets in when you realize you have no idea how to entertain your kids for the next few months.  ..

3 Things to Look for In Your Montessori School

If you have children who are about to start school, you might be wondering whether a Montessori school might be a good option for them. More and more..

Should You Start Your Child off in a Montessori Preschool?

Parents can consider placing their children in Montessori preschool to help them transition into school over time. If you're reading this, we're sure..

How Is a Montessori School Different From Public Schools

Have you found yourself wondering how to best prepare your infant or toddler for school? Are you looking for an excellent San Dimas preschool? If so,..

8 Fun and Safe Spring Activities for Kids

While there are certainly plenty of good things about winter, like the holidays, building snowmen, and enjoying hot chocolate, most people can't wait..

Everything You Need to Know About the Maria Montessori Method

If you have a young child, chances are that you have heard about the Maria Montessori method at least once. Schools around the world are embracing th..

5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids to Do!

The cold weather doesn't have to stop your children from having a lot of fun. There are plenty of great outdoor winter activities for kids that will ..

5 Smart Study Habits of Highly Successful Students

Forming effective study habits during early educational years is crucial for educational development. Studying helps to benefit your child in the cla..

Fun and Effective Ways to Teach Respect to Your Children

Have you noticed a lack of respect in the world lately? In all walks of life and professions, it seems like there is quite a bit of room for improvem..

10 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time to get spooky. Kids love a fun activity that will give them a bit of a fright. Giggles, haunts, and..

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